LCRD Cheerleading
*TEAM FORMATION:  All Cheerleaders will be called by the team coach.  Cheerleaders will be allowed to cheer for their brother's team regardless of age, if they so desire.  Parents must note on the registration form the brother's name and age.

*UNIFORMS:  Cheerleaders will be issued a uniform and bloomers.  Complete uniforms must be worn to all games.  Uniform issue will be coordinated through the team coach.  Uniforms must be returned to LCRD no later than the designated date or a $5.00 late fee will be charged.

*AWARDS:  Each cheerleader will recieve an award at the end of the season.

*PRACTICES & GAMES:  Teams are allowed to meet no more than 3 times per week, including games.  Practices are not to exceed 2 hours in length.  Regular season games will begin in early October and playoffs will begin in early November.  The program will end in mid-Nov.  Schedules will be issued to the team by the coach prior to the start of the season.

*SPORTSMANSHIP:  Learning good sportsmanship is an important part of the sports experience for children and is a very high priority at LCRD.  Good sportsmanship will be expected and demanded of all participants, coaches, and team followers.  Players, coaches, and team followers are to refrain from making derogatory comments or using inflammatory actions to opposing players, coaches, or teams.

*Parents must remember that coaches are volunteers and are not necessarily experts on football, basketball, or cheerleading.  They may make mistakes but at least they are willing to sacrifice their time to work with the children.  If there is a serious problem with your child's coach, please notify the LCRD Director.

*Registration is each August for Football Cheerleading and each November for Basketball Cheerleading, which is offered to ages 7-12 and is $20.00 per participant. The age control date for Football Cheerleading is September 1st of the current year and September 1st of the current year for Basketball Cheerleading.