Hinesville Swimming Pool
Pool Rules:

**Leave all valuables with pool management
**Please use showers before entering pool
**Walk! Do not run
**No eating or smoking in pool area
**Pushing or unnecessary roughness is forbidden
**One person on diving board at a time
**Dive only from diving board and dive straight ahead
**Please do not talk to the lifeguards when they are on duty

Rental Fees:
$50 per hour for 25 swimmers or less, $75 per hour for 26-50 swimmers, $100 per hour for 51-75 swimmers and $150 per hour for 76 or more swimmers.  Food is allowed in designated area only.  No food preparation in area!

Located in Liberty Independent Troop Park in Hinesville adjacent to Stafford Pavillion and playground.  Staff Available for additional information:  876-5359

The kiddy pool is equipped with a waterfall mushroom. It's depth ranges from 6 inches to 1foot 6 inches.

The pools shallow end is 3 foot 6 inches.

LCRD pool has a 10 ft 6 in deep end with a diving board. Located on the opposite end is a covered seating area with tables and chairs.