Welcome to the Liberty County Recreation Department (LCRD) Ju-Jitsu program!  

The instructor for this course is John Glimmerveen. John has more than 35 years experience teaching Ju-Jitsu around the world. He is an English national level coach and 4th dan black belt (Yondan). He was also recently appointed Shihan for the United States making him the senior instructor for all world Ju-Jitsu Federation clubs in the US.

FYI: Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art dating back over 2500 years. This program teaches a syllabus based on the WJJF (World Ju-Jitsu Federation) syllabus which incorporates throws, locks, katas, kicks, punches, self-defense and weaponry. The WJJF is headquartered in Liverpool England, and has 40,000 + members worldwide. It is comprehensive and structured, and suitable for juniors to seniors.  

This program is for males and females ages 7 & up.  Classes are held each Monday and Wednesday at  the Liberty County Community Center Multi-Purpose Room in Midway.  Class times are 6:00 to7:00pm at the Liberty County Community Center.

The fee for this program is $35 per month, payable to LCRD by the first of each month.  The following fees are optional:

$65 one-time, membership fee to the Ju-Jitsu Center in Richmond Hill. This fee is paid to the instructor. This fee includes a uniform suitable for Ju-Jitsu and belongs to you, the student. 

$25 for testing fees. This fee is paid to the instructor each time a student is tested for promotion to a higher belt level. (Note: the black belt testing fee is not included at this price—details upon request). All testing is conducted at the Ju-Jitsu Center in Richmond Hill.

Various badges are available to purchase from the instructor.

1. Students and parents are required to follow the rules set forth in this information letter and by the instructor at all times.
2. Food and drink are NOT allowed at any time.  A water fountain is available.
3. Parents may stay and watch the class with the instructor’s approval.  Any children not in the class must be under close supervision and at the side of an adult at all times.
4. Parents are welcome to talk to the instructor either before or after classes.  Do not interrupt class to ask questions of the instructor.

The instructor for this program is John Glimmerveen and he basically runs the entire program.  Mr. Glimmerveen has the authority to remove participants that fail to follow the rules set forth for this program.  If you have any questions, please see the instructor or call the LCRD Director at 876-5359.