Jimmy Martin
LCRD Director
Rickey Gilliard
Athletic Supervisor
Paul Martin
Parks Superintendent
Brenda Mitchell
SRC Facility Manager
Sandra Danielson
Recreation Specialist

Not Pictured:
Samantha Abbgy - Office Manager
Charlene Penny - RYC Facility Manager
Richard Somerville - Recreation Specialist
Deonte Hicks- SRC Assistant Facility Manager
Brian Martin - LCCC Maintenance Technician
Rachael Smith - Administrative Clerk
David Pattison - Parks Maint. Tech

*LCRD is also home to many Regular Part-Time and Seasonal Employees, along with hundreds of volunteers.

James Thomas
LCCC Facility Manager

Meet the LCRD Staff!
Charles VanDuser 
Parks Maint. Tech
James Yarbrough
Parks Maint. Tech
Troy Lewis
Parks Maint. Tech
Stephen Ryon
Parks Maint. Tech