Master Rafael Medina

Welcome to the Liberty County Recreation Department(LCRD) Taekwondo program!  The main goal of this program is to provide a fun and rewarding experience for each participant.  Other goals include learning self defense skills, gaining self confidence, and improving physical fitness.  Good sportsmanship and proper conduct is a requirement of participants and parents at all times.

The style of taekwondo taught in this program is the same style that is used in Olympic competition.  The instructor is certified by the United States Taekwondo Union(USTU).

This program is for boys and girls age 7 and up.  Classes are held each Wednesday and Thursday at the Frank Long Elementary School gymnasium from 7:00pm-8:00pm.

The fee for this program is $25 per month, payable to LCRD by the first of each month.  The following fees are optional:
$20 one-time, membership fee to the Sport Taekwondo Center which is a local member of the USTU and the U.S. Olympic Committee.  This fee is paid to the instructor.
$45-$55 (depending on size) uniform fee that is paid to the instructor who will order the uniform.  This uniform will be yours to keep.
$30 & up for testing fees(fee is higher for higher level belts).  This fee is paid to the instructor each time a student is tested for promotion to a higher belt level.
$35 annual fee for membership in the United States Taekwondo Union.  Membership benefits include the right to compete in USTU sanctioned events, subscription to the USTU  Journal magazine, and membership patch.  This membership is not required to take lessons only.  The instructor will provide additional information and registration materials upon request.

1. Students and parents are required to follow the rules set forth in this information letter and by the instructor at all times.
2. Food and drink are NOT allowed in the Multi-Purpose Room at any time.  A water fountain is available.
3. Parents may stay and watch the class with the instructor’s approval.  Any children not in the class must be under close supervision and at the side of an adult at all times.
4. Parents are welcome to talk to the instructor either before or after classes.  Do not interrupt class to ask questions of the instructor.

The instructor for this program is Rafael Medina and he basically runs the entire program.  Mr. Medina has the authority to remove participants that refuse to follow the rules set forth for this program.  If you have any questions, please see the instructor or call the LCRD Director at 876-5359.